B&D Dental Technologies

Origin® Beyond™

High Translucency

• Maximum translucency (50%)

• Full Contour (>700 MPa)


Zr Type


(600nm, 1.0mm)





>700 MPa


Single Units to

3-Unit Bridges

16 Color Liquids V6.0

12, 14, 16, 18

Paten No. US 10,463,457

ORIGIN® Beyond™ Zirconia Advantages at a Glance

ORIGIN® Beyond™ is a new breed of zirconia. It’s superior aesthetic qualities combined with greater optical clarity make it ideal for anterior full contour restorations. Its vibrant transparency will raise posterior aesthetics to new heights while offering 2x the strength of lithium disilicate crowns.

• Optimized microstructure provides higher translucency

• Significant flexural strength, in excess of 700 MPa

• Indications include inlays, onlays, single restorations, both anterior and posterior, and up to 3 unit anterior bridges

• Full contour restorations or substructures for layering

• Significantly more translucent than traditional high translucency zirconia.

Product Testimonial

“The ORIGIN® Beyond™ Full Contour Zirconia crown is FAR SUPERIOR COSMETICALLY to any other zirconia crown I have used. ORIGIN Beyond is my choice for a CONSISTENT, STRONG, and UNBELIEVABLY AESTHETIC FCZ crown. ORIGIN Beyond, has taken FCZ to a completely different level than anything else in this category. Beyond is truly A COMPLETE COSMETIC SOLUTION instead of just a restorative consideration. It’s fascinating to see how far zirconia has come.”

Dr. Thomas Zafiratos, Layton, Utah