B&D Dental Technologies

Coloring Liquids

Origin Chroma Liquids are confidently used by many labs for accurate, reliable shades. B&D Dental Technologies are the only provider of Vita 3D Master shad Liquids in addition to the Vita Classic 16 shades.


"For chroma accuracy, the value and shades are spot on!"

Brian Heaslip, Digital Dental Lab

16 Classic Shades

Strength & aesthetics for long span bridges

• High translucency full contour (46%)

• Maximum Strength (>1300 MPa)

3D Master Shades

Highest Translucency

• Maximum translucency (50%)

• Full Contour (>700 MPa)


Effect & Incisal Shade Liquids

B&D Dental is pleased to announce our new Effects Liquids.  

These intense internal colorants are used pre-sinter to   enhance and customize Beyond and Beyond Plus translucent  zirconia. Now high end aesthetic outcomes are achievable using these specialized coloring liquids.  Available in 15  shades, a ceramist can create beautiful custom shaded full  contour zirconia restorations.